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Combined Harvester Project

Combined Harvester Project

AMX was called upon to step in and intercept 5 combine harvesters originally destined for Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The routing of the harvesters was from Russia to Zimbabwe via Biera port, however given the recent turmoil in Zimbabwe with consignee decided to tranship the harvesters via road freight into South Africa. Given the extensive project management experience of AMX, the consignee reached out to the team in order to execute the movement with limited delays and additional cost.

The sheer size of the harvesters caused inherent challenges and material handling equipment had to be located within the port of Biera in order to lift the harvesters onto the awaiting specialised low bed vehicles, once the harvesters had been loaded and departed Biera the next set of challenges were encountered as each border post and respective government agency decided a full inspection was required given the size and value of load.
Nonetheless, AMX was able to manage the project with limited delays and additional cost while maintaining communication and visibility throughout the transit

The harvesters were delivered successfully to the consignee with in the agreed transit time”

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